Financial Advisory

Business Valuations

  • Business valuations are typically used by business owners to attract outside investment and financing, as well to plan for the potential sale of the business. Burkman Capital works closely with its clients to evaluate and value their businesses. In order to properly determine the value of any business, we employ multiple valuation methodologies while also evaluating short and long-term trends in the industry. 

Fairness Opinions 

  • Fairness opinions are mandated in some situations, particularly with publicly held corporations,  in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Whether to prevent disputes or to protect shareholders and members of a corporation's board of directors who are faced with a proposed transaction, engaging an independent third party to provide a formal opinion regarding the value of a business is essential. Burkman Capital has extensive experience in preparing fairness opinions in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Business Due Diligence

  • Burkman Capital performs business due diligence on behalf of clients for the purposes of acquisitions or divestitures, as well as for other special projects. Our experience and financial expertise allow us to be particularly adept at investigating, analyzing and understanding a wide range of unique businesses .


Business Planning & Research

  • Burkman Capital works closely with clients to analyze the historical financial performance and capital structure of their businesses and to help plan for the future. We carry out in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses in order to identify the key drivers and components of the company’s performance. We then provide the client with recommendations that can be implemented to improve the profitability, growth and stability of the business.